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The Spectre and Archangel 75 by ErsbethShadowsong The Spectre and Archangel 75 by ErsbethShadowsong
Sorry for the delay, but it seems that The Muse is finally back :)
I will be quick with the comments on this page -it's late here!-: Garrus dialogue makes a direct reference to his thoughts from page 9 [link] , which now I find kind of funny his last dialogue from ME3 -no spoilers!-
Regarding the color, ~Arwing suggested it and ~UruiShepard and ~CeriseMoon demanded it, so here you have it ^^
If you want to know what happens after this page, I have news for you, you can see it here:[link] -start with the blue panels-. Next page will follow this one [link] -again, blue panel-. Please, bear in mind that these pages were done before ME3 was released and we were wondering what the head-bump meant ;)
Thanks a lot for your patience, next page, next week! (I hope).

Thanks to :iconarwing: for his beta-read!

Chapter 9 - Reach and Flexibility
Page 74: [link]
Page 75: Viewing
Page 76: [link]

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1 - Trapped
Page 1: [link]
Chapter 2 - Just Like Old Times
Page 12: [link]
Chapter 3 - Take Care of Him
Page 22: [link]
Chapter 4 – Dreams
Page 30: [link]
Chapter 5 – Blowing off Steam
Page 40: [link]
Chapter 6 – The Calm Before the Storm
Page 49: [link]
Chapter 7 – Horizon
Page 53: [link]
Chapter 8 – Alchera
Page 62: [link]

Mass Effect characters belong to Bioware.
I’ve been reading many ME1 and ME2 fanfics for almost a year, so if anyone spots something familiar, do tell me and I’ll be delighted to quote the author+fic that inspired it ;)
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jemgirl Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It's so nice to see colour. :) 

I'm not complaining about the black and white pages. If anything, they help you appreciate the colour bits more. :) 
ErsbethShadowsong Nov 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist

I wanted to do something different for this part, and I though that the addition of colour would break a little the path and also a break of their mood.
jemgirl Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I think you achieved that. :) 
ErsbethShadowsong Nov 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
aww yeah facehugger time. I like how Norse Gods are a big turn on for her. Also, I am very surprised at how large Ayren's breasts seem, especially in that last panel. Like... they seem too big to fit into the armor she wears? But then again who knows how thick that armor really is, or maybe it is just a trick of the clothes/position. And Garrus's feet made me laugh. They make me think that he could be a beast from Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak. Except that because it is Ayren's dream it is a steamy, sexy one. 
ErsbethShadowsong Sep 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
:nod: A little fluffy and nonsense moments... More than the old Norse Myths, what breaks her self imposed barriers is that Garrus didn't forget her or who she was, in comparison with Kaidan. My main concern of this part is how "quick" it may seem for Shepard to forget Kaidan and throw herself to the arms of her turian friend...
Does them seem too big? Mmm... Maybe they are, but in my experience, certain kind of outfits or clothes have the property of altering the shape and size of breasts... ;)
I'd love that Bioware had given us a clear concept for naked turians which would have included their feet ;) But alas! no chance of that... unless they decide to do it for their next ME game. 
Now, out of curiosity, why do you think this is Ayren's dream?
It seemed a bit quick, until you reminded us in the comments a bit ago that it had been several weeks. I guess the time seemed to go by much faster since we only got like one panel for each mission for a while, so it did not feel like a very long time for us readers, or for me at least, until you clarified that it had actually been a while. Also because probably you only included the moments where she thought about Garrus in a romantic way compared to the many other thoughts she had not concerning him (understandable as this IS a Garrus/Femshep story so you only want to include what is relevant) it also seemed fast until you forced me to pause and actually think about it. And considering how Kaidan treated her on Horizon, especially since in game he pretty much threatens to kill you, and they did not have that great of a relationship in the past it seemed that Ayren does not owe him anything anyways. 
As for it being a dream I was not saying it was one (i do not think that it is a dream), i was merely extending the juxtaposition to Where the Wild Things Are and saying that unlike the little boy in that story, Ayren would have a more adult rated fantasy about the "wild beasts" like Garrus. :)
ErsbethShadowsong Sep 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
One of the things I had to consider when I started the story -please, bear in mind that I'm not a story-teller, which make this a little more... challenging for me- was what I should include and what I should not include. My first idea was to focus only in the Shepard/Garrus relationship, show little bits and hope those will be enough to make the reader understand what they were before they decided to be something else, but recently I've decided to show more of other's POV. That translates in the "one page per recruitment missions" that you mention and me having to state that there has been a while between Horizon and Alchera (BTW, thank you for reading my comments on the pages) and now it will translate in showing other things -like the two Cerberus crew members gossip in the Mess Hall and some future pages with no Shepard/Garrus in them. My crazy idea was to finish the ME2 story arch before the release of ME3, but some chapters required more pages than the ones initially planned, RL messed around and... well, I guess this kind of things just happen... Re Kaidan... Let's say that their relationship was not that bad before Shepard's death. I'd like to justify Kaidan's reaction in my story, show that he' not the "bad guy" as some part of the fandom has labelled him to be -I'm not implying you have this idea, it's something I've seen around forums and deduced from conversations with Kaidan-fans :)-. 
Ops, My bad! Sorry... I completely misunderstood you here... Now I see what you mean and yes, that's more like it ^^
When I found out  in-game that out there was system called Asgard with planets named Tyr, Loki and Borr it automatically reminded about this page =p
ErsbethShadowsong Sep 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
:wow: You flatter me!!
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