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November 2, 2010
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MASSIVE Mass Effect 2 MeMe by ErsbethShadowsong MASSIVE Mass Effect 2 MeMe by ErsbethShadowsong
This has taken a long time, but I've finished it at last!! Yay! That's been a real challenge. Please, forgive grammar and spelling mistakes and the details I've surely missed.
Just because sometimes I'm a bite lazy:
Panel 4: background from Mass Effect 2 trailer.
Panel 12, 14, 15, 28 an 32: backgrounds from Mass Effect 2 and the Shadow Broker DLC.
Panel 19: Protean picture from Mass Effect.

The song used in panel 2 belongs to the band Blue ÷yster Cult, though I was listening HIM's version.

Original meme from: [link]

And, of course, Mass Effect belongs to Bioware.
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This was great
A ending with Shep and Garrus sacrificing thyself to save the galaxy holding hand...  now that a ending i'll like :D IMO  But very depressing and sad though :(
ErsbethShadowsong Dec 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I agree, but wouldn't it been nice to at least, have such an option? :(
In stead of red-blue-green fireworks around the galaxy?
Yeah :(   
...I still remember when the producers and news said they have several different possible endings...   sigh.
But i not mad about the ending more though, i already read some fic about the ending and prologue for Shep and garrus, and now i feel a little better now :)
And i read your The Spectre and Archangel and man...   The best comic about Shepard and Garrus! Not only in the history and plot! but the quality of everyone in there! Amazing job :D
(And yes i'm a guy and f„ of Femshep and Garrus lol, i know its a little rare but i think they romance in the game it's the best for Femshep! imo...  I consider myself straight, just the Femshep and garrus romance that i find amazing and the best!) :)
(sorry poor english)
ErsbethShadowsong Dec 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Likewise. I was quite depressed for a time, but I've recovered. I still make fun about the endings though ;P I've reached the conclusion that if I see Shepard breathing, she's alive and with the Normandy flying to the Citadel, there's still hope that they find her.

Thanks! I'm flattered that you have such a high opinion on my crazy project! I don't think that you being a man and fan of the FemShep/Garrus romance is odd. I'm fan of MaleShep/Tali romance also and I'm a woman :) Gender doesn't have to be opposed to notice quality in their subplot romance ;)

(Hey! Your English is very good!)
I love the last panel! I hated the council sooo much how many times did we have to save their lives for them to actually help Shepard?
ErsbethShadowsong Dec 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
It seems that it was two times they are aware of. If you count Velarn, that would be three and for Sparatus, you had to also go to Palaven and brought in the krogans. I thanks the spirits you failed at Thessia after the Cerberus coup!!
It's really sad that all of this gone for nothing at the end of the day ;-(

But oh well, at least we have our own endings right? ;-)
ErsbethShadowsong Nov 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Indeed!! I can say I like my ending much more than the original one :nod:
This was incredible... I about fell out of my chair on the finger quotes part at the end.
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